Numbers are known to be coldly accurate but thoroughly incapable of assessing softer aspects like consumer emotions, feelings and behavioral insights.


First and foremost ensuring that consumer emotionally connects with the brand message is important.
Secondly knowing that they have connected leads to measuring it effectively.


Today’s consumers access content across media platforms.


Consumers in India continue to view television commercials to be among the most trustworthy sources of advertising. Also given the popularity of TV, viewers are bombarded with more ads than ever before. This is making it that much more difficult for brands and agencies to create commercials that truly connect with their audiences.


The media industry has a long history of measurement solutions that assess an ad’s impact on its intended audience—understanding what works and what doesn’t. But they don’t determine whether an ad creates an emotional connection with the viewer. From here on this represents a significant opportunity for marketers because studies show that purchase decisions are driven by emotions. Read more



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