In the context of the ever-changing economies, new legislation, Government policies and regulations in the Indian sub-continent have increased business-planning risks across almost every regulated sector.

The legal expertise has a valuable and a constructive role to play in running a profitable business. The challenges being faced by the business houses today especially those who are either starting or in the growth phase have to be addressed by an expert law practitioner.

Today there are more lawyers engaged in the startup and mid-size businesses than ever before.

As Growthologists we provide a diversified expertise in public policy regulation, Intellectual Property, Drafting and Conveyancing, Litigation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Arbitration and Corporate Services etc.

To build a firm foundation we work with new ventures in the following areas:

  1. Determining the appropriate business entity, Jurisdiction and tax status
  2. Structuring and formation of new entities
  3. Foreign Investments, Foreign Collaborations, Joint Ventures, and Technology Absorption.
  4. Setting up of branch offices, liaison offices or project offices
  5. Tax planning
  6. Developing and documenting shareholder agreements
  7. Creating executive employment agreements and ESOP Plans that attract and retain key leadership
  8. Identifying and securing intellectual property via trademarks, patents and copyright protection
  9. Creating business financing strategies
  10. We provide advice for ongoing business needs and transactions
  11. Distributorships, Sales agreements
  12. Stockholders’ buy-sell agreements
  13. Franchise agreements.
  14. Intellectual property and license agreements.
  15. Outsourcing agreements.
  16. Licensing agreements and technology transfers, including hardware, software and other services and products.
  17. Trade practices, advertising and promotions.

We work with our Clients at every step on the way in navigating the critical intersection of business, law, regulation, policy and politics.


Our strength lies in understanding the issues faced by corporate decision makers because our lawyers have themselves have held key Government & Legal Affairs and In-House positions.


We understand how geo-political issues affect business operations as our lawyers have worked in complex business and regulatory environments. Our diverse experiences give us an in-depth understanding of what matters most to our clients and allow us to anticipate and advise them on the latest regulatory changes, market developments, legislative actions, and commercial and technical issues. We strive to develop a rich understanding of our client’s businesses to offer creative solutions to our clients.

We bring on to the table a unique combination of professionals which constitutes of lawyers, chartered accountants, company secretaries and government affairs professionals; to offer services with a seamless cross-practice experience and top-of-the-line expertise to our clients.

Our legal strategies are designed to ensure the continued, effective flow of our client’s daily business operations, as well as to protect their long-term financial plans. We offer alternative fee structures and cost efficient methods to protect our clients from runaway costs while ensuring quality in all our deliverables.

Our approach is to protect the long-term financial plans of our clients. We believe in looking at the legal issues with a business approach. Our effort always is to safe guard our client’s interest in a most efficient manner with reasonable cost.

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