Occupationism is discrimination against individuals based solely on their occupations. Ocupationism, is the biggest detrimental discrimination in the current scenario. Closely followed.


Due to Occupationism large amount of people are often deterred from going into occupations which are not ranked high enough in the prestige pecking. A classic case is the occupation of primary teacher.
More so,
how do you view ‘work’? Is it an inconvenient separation of your weekends? A means to earn money to enjoy life? A means to change the world?
These leading questions are an attempt to make a simple point, which is, we often view work in relation to other things that we believe matter less.
Because having a job equals to having a life. Especially in the case of a middle-class individual (the largest populated segment in India).
Rightly so, prestige and lifestyle are the two driving aspects to aspire-chose a work or a job…… Read More





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